Here comes the blog…

After years of hearing about how new, hip, and most importantly, crucial, blogs were to the future of the internet, and possibly mankind as we know it, no interest sparked. As the word blog gained greater publicity, my relatives would inevitably ask, “So, have you started a blog yet?” No, I hadn’t. Nor had I even thought about it. I wasn’t trying to be counter-cultural (“Hipster” wasn’t a term yet, but I wasn’t trying to be that either.) I just had nothing I thought anyone would want to read, nor I to write.

Then came my the aggregators. My internet browsing, which I do substantially more often now, became increasingly dominated by sites like Fark, Gizmodo, and Failblog/TheDailyWhat. After that, it seemed like a natural progression to start reading some blogs, especially those of writers I enjoy, such as Warren Ellis and Neil Gaiman.

Then I thought, one musing day, that my hobbies/interests seem to change rather often, I should start documenting them, but how…

By blog of course! So here it is, created on a whim, full of cautious optimism and perhaps a bit of naivety.

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