Shelling the Seven Seas (ok…just two so far)

When discussing my recent trip to Kenya, with most people I focus on the safari in Maasai Mara. But we also ventured to Mombasa, a beautiful old city on the coast. And, as I do almost every time I go to the beach, I went shell collecting, a hobby inherited from my mother. My mother loves shells. Homemade shell-covered crafts adorn every corner of her beach house. Naturally, Naomi and I collected several shells, especially those that differed from the kind one might find along Galveston’s drab, yet shell-abundant, beaches. We selected the most interesting of these, arranged them in a jar, and gave them to my mother. Naomi really liked the little clam shells, saying they resembled little aquatic butterflies. So I arranged them in a spiral pattern, like some butterfly display cases I’ve seen, and voila, arts-and-crafty display.

Mombasa’s beach also had a coral reef, with some amazingly large and colorful shells, but unfortunately opportunistic locals snatch them up and attempt to sell them to every tourist they can find. I know one day I’ll discover my oceanic prize though.

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