Post-Oscar Musings

My annual Oscar night went well if I do say so myself. Unfortunately for the Academy Awards, the highlight of the evening was my first genuine venture in grilling. There might be some ego coming out there, but everyone at the Oscars, especially during red carpet interviews, was so damn humble I think some pride is in order. The utterly forgettable ceremony held very few suprises, and even host James Franco (who I loved in 127 Hours) seemed bored.

Everyone who won deserved to win, but it made for a lack-luster ceremony. Kirk Douglas’ presentation was awkward at best, yet seems to be regarded favorably by the masses, probably out of forced admiration to a veteran actor. I’m glad Trent Reznor won for the score of Social Network, not because I liked the soundtrack (I didn’t) but because he is a “Hollywood outsider.” If Tron had been a better movie perhaps Daft Punk would have been nominated for score. I really wanted Banksy to win best documentary, though his Exit Through the Gift Shop was the only documentary I saw, again, not because I enjoyed the film (I did) but because I, as well as many others, don’t believe the movie was actually a documentary, and a work of fiction winning best documentary appeals to me in a youthful-rebellion sort of way. I knew Inception wouldn’t win anything but the technical awards, but was excited when it did nonetheless. (Does anyone know the difference between sound editing and sound mixing? ‘Cause I sure don’t.) I wish David Fincher had taken best director for Social Network. He’s a director whose gotten amazingly better as his career has gone on. (From the abysmal Alien 3, to Seven, to Fight Club, to Benjamin Button.)

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