More myth

Recently, my brother hooked up the ol’ Playstation 2 to revisit one of our favorite games, Okami. The game is beautiful and incredibly fun to play. And, continuing with the topic I started previously, the story features some staples of Japanese folklore. Though I haven’t delved as deeply as I have into the vast ocean of Greek mythology, the folk tales of Japan have emerged as a recent mythological interest for me, with no small thanks to anime and video games.

I can think of no western movie that covers the topics of Japanese lore, which I understand, as the target demographic is probably too small to justify the budget necessary to do such a story justice. Anime has done a fairly good job addressing the topic, especially the fantastic series Mushishi. One of the animated Hellboy films covered it as well, though the execution was a little too light-hearted.

I’d be remiss if I talk about how much I like Japan’s folk heritage without mentioning the recent turmoil the country is experiencing. I’m confident Japan will surmount this hardship. It’s a country in my 5 Must Visits and I hope to check it off the list soon.

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