Cowboys & Aliens

Spring is here, and you know what that means; the “summer” movies start to trickle in before the true blockbuster deluge begins.

Rango: A+: You can tell that Rango is from the same studio that made Happy Feet because of amazing detail in the computer graphics, but unlike Happy Feet, this movie has dozens of characters and each one is unique and interesting. The story is a beautiful collection of western homage and whimsy. The visuals, the voicework, the character interactions, and the plot are all arranged perfectly. Genuinely funny too.

Paul: B+: I like the other Simon Pegg/Nick Frost buddy flicks and this one was similar thematically and structurally. I loved the subtle sci-fi references and some of the not-so-subtle ones too. Much of the humor was based on the tried and true rule of “cursing is funny” which is a rule to which I subscribe.  Unfortunately, the story starts in Comic-Con, which brought up recent personal frustrations.  But, of course, I’m not still harboring resentment at all…

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2 Responses to Cowboys & Aliens

  1. Bryan says:

    I’m looking forward to your review of Sucker Punch, muahahaha.

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