Kick-Ass Girls, Bad-Ass Lawyer, and Smart-Ass Genius.

Sucker Punch: C+: The action sequences portrayed in the trailer were fantastic and fun. Unfortunately, it took a long time to get to each, and their rationale was questionable at best. I wish it had been a video game so I could’ve skipped the cut-scenes to get to the action. I likened it to the Transformers movies; conversations were painful while the CGI action scenes were great. The dream structure of the film also had a useless extra layer, confusing the audience about what actually happened. This fault may seem even more glaring because of Inception’s masterful weaving of dreams within dreams. Masterful, Sucker Punch was not.

The Lincoln Lawyer: A-: This is an engaging story of a defense lawyer’s world with continual, and varied, emotional twists. Great characters engaging in believable conversations. The story, while entertaining, was nothing new. My favorite parts were those showing a more detailed and realistic take on how defense lawyers work than is usually portrayed in film and especially TV.

Limitless: B-: It is very difficult to write a first-person story about a genius without being a genius. Comic books and other genre stories often run into this problem. I think Flowers for Algernon remains the most successful implementation. Limitless didn’t utterly fail in this regard, but any amount of scrutiny creates doubt. I enjoyed the visuals of the film, such as how it replaced the drab world in which he began the movie with a bright, almost yellow, sheen when on the genius-enabling pill. Overall not boring, but forgettable.

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