Life Immitating Art

I read a lot of science-fiction. Because of this, reading science news is getting increasingly exciting as it begins dissolving the “fiction.” My current favorite science-not-fiction subject is exoplanets (planets outside of our solar system.) NASA released an awesome graphic showing all 1235 candidate planets here. 539 of those have been confirmed, dozens of which are in the “habitable zone” (the “just-right” orbit that allows conditions necessary for water, and by extension Earth-like life.) The closest of those is only a little over 10 light years away. All we need to do now is develop near-light speed traveling methods within 20 years or so and we can get to a possible Exoearth within my lifetime.

But NASA isn’t the only government agency bringing my favorite fiction to life. The military also loves to develop spiffy tech.

They just developed a new uniform that allows as many, or as few, pouches as a soldier could possibly need. The obviously exaggerated picture showing the outfit’s full potential couldn’t help but remind me of the comics of the 90s, especially Deadpool and Cable creator Rob Liefeld.

Wired posted an article that tells how the military is using spy balloons to deploy in Afghanistan. Again, comics come to mind…well, technically a cartoon based on comics; Batman: the Animated Series. Police blimps will be here any day now.

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