The Third Dimension

Marketing departments would have you believe that 3D is all the rage, but if you delve a little deeper it seems no one actually likes 3D. Movie critics lament 3D films, and rightly so. When the film is actually shot in 3D (or animated with the intention of including it) the experience is a little more enjoyable but hardly worth the increased ticket costs. 3D TV sales are rock bottom and even the new Nintendo 3DS, which boasts glasses-less 3D, has poor sales. The aged PSP even had higher sales last week. That might have something to do with the launch title lineup, but it’s still telling of our lack of embrace for 3D.

There is, however, one nifty new 3D technology, 3D printing. Granted, it isn’t really similar to 3D media. It does make for some cool stuff. I bought these 3D “thorn” gaming dice from a Dutch company, Shapeways.

It’s a very interesting way of making intricate things without molds.

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