Building Blocks of Geekdom

I’m not sure how LEGO propelled itself to the forefront of geek culture. Maybe it was always there and I just never noticed. It certainly caught my eye when the first LEGO Star Wars games came out for consoles. Now I see almost as much LEGO Star Wars apparel as those based on the movies, at least on kids. And the video games are fantastic. My brother has all of them (Star Wars movies, Star Wars: Clone Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman, Harry Potter, and Pirates of the Caribbean.) Something about retelling these stories without dialog and with a more whimsical take makes them astonishingly fun, sometimes more so even than their parent properties.

I think I might be on the edge of getting hooked. I wasn’t overly into LEGO as a kid. Perhaps they’re targeted more to the engineers who grew up building things. Still, every time Naomi and I go to Cheesecake Factory in the Galleria (which is often; we love that place) I stop by the LEGO store and stare at some Star Wars set or another but never buy anything. I thought about collecting the characters but they are obscenely expensive. ($40 for Vader or Boba Fett!) We’ll see if my mild interest develops into a slight investment, or even full-blown fascination.

(ROTJ scene by Jay Hoff, Batman sculpture from Comic-Con)

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2 Responses to Building Blocks of Geekdom

  1. Joachim Boaz says:

    I think LEGO was hit hard by the videogame market — kids were playing with blocks less! Thus, they had to tap into the lucrative market of toys based on movies/games etc and of course, videogames as well. And, as you mention, it’s mostly been a success.

    I, on the other hand, as a child preferred to mix all the LEGO sets into a gigantic pile and make random things — my parents would buy a new set and I’d promptly mix them all up 🙂

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