I wont be attending San Diego Comic-Con this year. Again. And after the heartache my failed attempt at getting tickets caused, I probably wont ever go again. In an attempt to fill the hole in my geekdom, the brother and I went to Houston’s own comic convention, Comicpalooza. Some highlights:

Saw a Quiddich match. I’m not much of a Potterist and I always thought Quiddich was a poorly conceived game (the snitch makes the rest of the game pointless!) but seeing a “muggle” version of it was fun, and mercifully quick. A&M won though…boo!

Our loot: Star Wars for me. Transformers for Gabe

Played Battletech. In these awesome pod things with HUD’s that used to be at Dave & Busters. Gabe destroyed as usual but I got second place in our second game! (The only other combatants were Gabe in first and some under-15 kids.)

Costumes were noticeably better than last year. My favorite was a great Beetlejuice complete with creepy umbrella.

Unfortunately, the dealer room was more like a flea market than an exhibition hall. Very few modern items were available, comic or otherwise. I’d gone antiquing the previous weekend with some friends and there were certainly similarities.

The Shultz's investigating a bookpress that is not a bookpress

The antiquing was entertaining but mostly fruitless. The inspiration for the venture was to get a halberd that turned out to be wooden. Alas.

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