A Red Light for Green Lantern

I somehow felt obligated as a comic-bookist to see the Green Lantern movie even though it looked…sub-par. I apologize to Justin and Gabe for convincing them to suffer through it with me.

Green Lantern: D+: Imagine watching the Transformers movies without the cool robots. That’s what Green Lantern felt like. I’d read that the studio poured an extra $9 million into the special effects after test screenings and it was still awful. I’d hate to see what it looked like before that extra money dump. They should have spent their money on competent screenwriters who can write dialog that doesn’t result in the audience cringing or rolling their eyes. The few good points were the use of actual constructs like miniguns and razor-nets instead the generic energy blasts and force-fields the comics uniformly use and that the other alien Green Lanterns looked cool for the 5 seconds they were on the screen.

Afterward, I tried reading some comics to remind myself that good sci-fi is still out there.

Serenity vol2: Better Days: B: Though it remains fun to visit the Firefly universe, this story did little to expand on the characters. Though adequate, the writing never flies above satisfactory. However, the characters read like they would on screen and the story flows naturally. And it should since it was written by the show’s writer/creator. It feels like another lost episode, but unfortunately that episode would’ve been a generic mid-season one.

Gravel vol2: The Major Seven: A-: Like the first volume, and most of his other works, Ellis throws around characters almost too fast for my imagination to keep up. The main character is a bit typical, and re-used from other Ellis greats such as Planetary and Red. (And like Red, all should be portrayed on film by Bruce Willis.) The cinematic panels and pacing allow for another bloody fun ride through England that leaves action on the page and a smile on my face.

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3 Responses to A Red Light for Green Lantern

  1. Joachim Boaz says:

    Tyler, are you looking forward to Captain America? The trailer definitely looks better than Green Lantern

  2. twhpoole says:

    Yeah, I was quite surprised by Captain America’s trailer. When I heard that they were doing a movie for each of the characters leading up to the Avengers movie I thought it would be the hardest to pull off, but it looks pretty good. I’m glad that it looks like it will be wholly set during WWII.

  3. Joachim Boaz says:

    I’m just worried that the Avengers movie will get unwieldy with all the characters — which is how I feel about the first three X-men — I haven’t seen the last one…

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