A few days ago in a museum not at all far far away….

Last Thursday, I dragged my never-begrudging girlfriend and a couple friends on a trip to the Star Wars Exhibit at the Health Museum. I’d already seen a Star Wars Exhibit at the MFA in 2000 which was really amazing and gigantic, and when I saw Star Wars in Concert there were several props and costumes on display.

This exhibit was fairly small, and shifted its focus to a vague attempt to explain how the technologies present in Star Wars were emerging in the real world which means they added a lot of “filler.” I’d rather have seen and/or read more about how the films were made, but as Lucas has made it abundantly clear, Star Wars is targeted toward children.

Still, all the original trilogy was covered and what little was from the new trilogy fit right in. And after having worked at a museum for some time, I felt the exhibit was well arranged and included several fun interactive segments including a cool 3D simulation game using technology similar to the PlayStation game Eye of Judgement.

Unfortunatley, there was a distinct lack of Imperial Guards, Boba Fett (well, it has his blaster,) and Admiral Ackbar.

Naomi was completely enthralled by the many wonders.

Several more pictures are on the photo site.

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