Last weekend the Gabe and I went to Six Flags Fiesta Texas to celebrate his birthday. We’ve both always been big fans of roller coasters and the rides at Fiesta Texas did not disappoint. The lines for those awesome rides, however, were excruciatingly long. I think the shortest line we waited in was 45 minutes and several were over an hour. And, as most of the country is painfully aware, it’s approximately eleventy-billion degrees outside and we spent a small fortune on bottled water.

I’ve decided to rank the five coasters we did get to ride. There were two others we decided to skip but I had ridden them on a previous visit and they weren’t awesome enough to warrant another hour wait, especially considering the three-hour drive back to Houston.

5. Pandemonium
It had an interesting gimmick. Each car seated four people, pairs sitting across from one another, which freely spun around as the car went over the twists and turns. The spinning was fun, but didn’t make up for the design not allowing any loops, corkscrews, or the like.

4. Road Runner Express
Though partially hidden under the gigantic wooden frame of The Rattler (one of the ones we didn’t ride,) it was a solid roller coaster but lacked any “wow factor.” Still a fun ride though.


3. Poltergeist
No cranking ascension on this one. It rockets you right out of the gate into a snarling mass of twists and turns, including some so close to the ground it feels like the car is going to slide off the track. And just when you think you’re done it ends with a perfectly timed corkscrew.

2. Superman: Krypton Coaster
The Superman ride is nice and long, and sprawled over half the back portion of the park. It starts with a sideways drop off of the initial climb and immediately flings you into a huge loop. It took us up and down with such momentum that at one point there’s a mechanism to slow the car down before another big drop.

1. Goliath
The Goliath packed everything I like about roller coasters into a small space. It had loops so tight I couldn’t keep my hands in the air and several dizzying corkscrews (and I think a double-corkscrew.) Watching it while in line, it looked like it slowed down at the end, but while riding I certainly couldn’t tell if it did.

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