She-Fi vs Sci-Fi

Amazingly, since I started this blog, Naomi has not once asked me to sit through a movie of her choice. I rarely refuse to see any movie. It just somehow hasn’t come up. The summer season simply doesn’t leave much space for the much-chagrined “chick flick.” Well, the streak is over. And while Horrible Bosses and Crazy Stupid Love are not exactly “chick flicks” in the definition as I understand it, I would not have seen either of them on my own. That didn’t stop me from watching some good ol’ comic-book movies though!

Horrible Bosses: C+: There were some good, if predictable, scenes, but too many characters to establish. I don’t think they needed three sets of bosses and employee. Two bosses would’ve been fine for the story but I guess it needed some sexiness so Aniston’s character was shoved in. Spacey plays a good crazy though, and Jamie Foxx’s pseudo-grittiness was a great foil to the protagonists’ suburban dialog.

Crazy Stupid Love: C: I’m not sure who the target audience was, since it was essentially a romantic comedy and a quirky midlife crisis mashed together. Romantic films are known for their ridiculous coincidences, but this one had too many to take. The genre-aware scenes (such as Steven Carrel commenting “what a cliche” when it starts raining on him after a fight) were funny at first, but if you’re going to point out your own cliches, it makes all the others that aren’t jokes even more glaring. Somewhat slow, but mildly touching.

Captain America: A-: Captain America offers no surprises and no scene truly wowed me. That said, I wasn’t at all disappointed. It took a while for him to really get down to the real Captain America-ing, but that was ok, since that time was spent building interesting characters. Hugo Weaving was great as Red Skull but his accent wavered, and that’s being generous. I also really liked how it began to tie everything together for Avengers, such as the elder Stark and Norse references. Forgoing a scene post-credits for an Avengers trailer however, was not cool.

Cowboys & Aliens: A: They filled this movie with actors that I enjoy and they didn’t disappoint. Although the movie was filled with cliches, those cliches are usually not juxtaposed. Western tropes like coming to accept the Indians and quitting the gang for a woman were side by side with insectiod aliens with one squishy weakness and abduction for the purpose of studying weakness. It assembled those textbook archetypes into a wonderfully entertaining spectacle.

Rubber: C-: This movie is about a tire that kills people by blowing them up with his mind. And that’s not the weirdest thing about it. It was actually about how audiences view movies, or something. The filmmakers certainly wanted to you to think they had some sort of point but it was much less inventive than they seem to think it was. And while it definitely could’ve been a 30 minute short, and not a whole lot happens through the course of the film, the 1 hour 22 minute run time somehow didn’t really feel that long.

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  1. JEREMY says:

    Oh great, I’ve been waiting to see Rubber since I’m a Mr. Oizo fan (the director’s electronica work) and here you go and see it without me. Unfortunately, everything you said about the movie sounds totally believable based on what I’ve seen so far… but I still have to see it, haha.

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