Recent Projects

I am a prolific internetter. Prodigious even. One happy byproduct of that predilection is an increased interest in DIY projects inspired by my findings. Here are a few I’ve recently finished.

For Naomi’s birthday I recreated a couple things I found on ye olde interwebs. Unfortunately, I can’t give credit to the inspiration sources as I didn’t save them. One of those was this set of pillows.

Thought-bubble pillows: They make Sunday afternoon naps fun!

When I was in Seattle I went to Card Kingdom, and it had this awesome chandelier made out of Magic: the Gathering cards. Since mine are gathering dust in a closet, I thought I’d copy the idea, but scale it down to a lamp.

I’ve got several more projects in various stages of semi-started limbo. Hopefully I’ll be able to wrap them up soon before further inspiration presents itself.

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