On the Road

It’s fairly amazing how many interesting things you can see driving around this silly country of ours. So many little discrepancies in the norm that each must have their own interesting stories. Here’s a collection of photos I’ve taken with my iPhone and the accompanying rationales I’ve concocted whilst cruising around Houston.

It’s hard to read but that says “CAUTION SHOWCHICKENS ON BOARD.”

People show chickens? I know livestock shows exist but chickens? Are chickens really being bred for their allure and regality? I assume there are a lot in there if a semi trailer was being used to transport them, but maybe they are so pampered that there are only a dozen or so, each with their own air-conditioned room with a jacuzzi and a TV. And the most unsettling part of it is not the showchickens enigma, but why “CAUTION” is necessary. Are they known to attack if provoked? Are they combustible? So much mystery in so few words.

My life-long inundation with sci-fi has caused a few…unconventional leaps of logic in my time. An example: I saw this trail of humvees driving north on I-45 and briefly considered turning around. In my “experience” a line of military vehicles driving around major cities can only mean one thing: invasion!

Clearly aliens, out-of-control robots, or government biological experiments gone awry were wreaking havoc somewhere ahead of where I was going.

I didn’t turn around though. Not because the notion was obviously untrue, but because what if it wasn’t!?

Speaking of aliens and robots, this truck again got me excited hoping that it was one of my favorite alien robots, the Transformers.

Specifically, I thought it looked like Ultra Magnus. The color scheme is an almost perfect match. If there’d been a yellow voltswagon beetle or a bright red van on there then I would’ve been certain.

Here’s an interesting fellow. If you look closely, you’ll see two padded bats protruding from his backpack like a samurai’s standard. Where is he going with those? Being the nerd I am, I immediately assumed he was on his way to a LARPing session. Perhaps those are his twin blades, color-coded to indicate the element with which they’re infused.

Or maybe he teaches some sort of martial arts class to kids. Or maybe he’s a family therapist who hands the bats out to his patients to use to release their aggression. We’ll never know for sure, but the stories we make up are usually much more entertaining than the truth.

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