Need to Waste Some Time?

There’s a whole lot of cool stuff out there on the world wide interwebnet. I particularly like interactive thingies. I even more particularly like interactive thingies that are entertaining (i.e. time-wasters) and teach me neat-o facts (i.e. trivia.) Here’re a few.

Visualizing the scale of things is fun. This site shows how big things are by placing them on the Google Maps location of your choice. I found the “Space” category especially fun.

Speaking of visualizing scale, this one does it even more grandly starting with the smallest conceivable measurement and zooming out to the whole universe. Hypnotic and interesting.

The comic xkcd pointed out an interesting Wikipedia phenomenon. If you go to any article and click on the first link that is not in parenthesis or italicized, eventually you will get to the “philosophy” page. This site allows you to see all the steps visualized in a neat tree.

Curious of what is the most awesomest thing ever? Someone was, so they set up a site to find out. It’s quite addicting in its simplicity. If only actual voting was this much fun!

Finally, this page isn’t interactive. But it is kind of amazing. It reminds me of this picture.

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