A Few Good Media

Surprise! More movies have been watched. More comics have been read. More opinions have been formed. You never saw it coming did you?

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm: A: Batman: the Animated Series is one of my favorite cartoons. It still holds up and it’s probably the single greatest reason I got into comics in the first place. Yet somehow, amazingly, I’d never seen this before. Like the show, it was superb and had a detailed and fantastic plot, with enough additional character development to differentiate it from a long episode.

Afro Samurai: Resurrection: B+:This movie-sequel just didn’t capture that familiar absurdity that the original miniseries did. The weak plot and pointlessly resurrected characters lost their appeal, and the forcibly inserted new characters were scraped from the bottom of the writer’s creative pool. Still some great action scenes though.

The Bourne Identity: A+: The Bourne movies represent the zenith of spy/action film. Everything about them results in engagement and thrill. Even tiny roles like Clive Owen’s are excellent. I could watch this movie dozens of times. Matt Damon at his best.

Be Good Little Puppy: A: This is the seventh volume of Penny Arcade comics, and yes, we (i.e. Gabe) have all six previous volumes as well. Even though all the comics are available online (for free), reading Tycho’s commentary on each and every one is both a pleasant nostalgia trip and a delve into a writing style I greatly enjoy. I also loved the bonus D&D segment at the end.

Astro City: Dark Age vols. 1&2: A+: Possibly the best superhero comic I’ve read. The Astro City world is so perfectly constructed it’s uncanny. Like Marvels, reading Dark Age was like living the history of the comics industry, but with much more weight and emotion. Astro City heroes and villains convey so much more character on a few pages than entire volumes of the overused characters of Marvel or DC.

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