Mulling Over Merch

I have entirely too much Star Wars merchandise. And I fully plan on buying more until they stop making it. George Lucas, that mad genius turned just plain mad, knew what he was doing from the get-go. When Harrison Ford wanted his character killed off in A New Hope (he also wanted him dead in Jedi) Lucas remained firm that no main characters could be killed, so that the merch could flow.

Somehow, I’ve managed not to purchase anything in the higher price ranges. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to get a quality replica lightsaber or even a stormtrooper or Fett costume, but I come across so much amazing SW stuff that it’s hard to choose. ThinkGeek, the perfect example of this, has tons of Star Wars junk that I’d love to have but will probably never buy. My favorite is their taun-taun sleeping bag.

The zipper is a lightsaber and the lining looks like intestines!

Continuing the “creatures of Hoth” trend, Adidas has created a wampa shoe as part of their Star Wars shoe line. It has real hair! They remind me of shoes I saw in Kenya, Safari Boots.

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