Lock Blu-Rays in Attack Position.

Like most Star Wars nerds, I just got me a shiny new box set of Blu-Rays. The internet has been gathering its digital pitchforks and torches since the changes to the original trilogy were first leaked and I gathered my most esteemed Star Wars enthusiast friends for a viewing of the revered trilogy on the parents’ projection screen.

The changes were, by and large, barely noticeable. All the random background droids and the occasional engine-fire brightening were perfectly fine, though unnecessary. I highly doubt these were part of Lucas’ “vision” for the movies at the time. The Ewoks’ blinking and Vader’s “NO!” incertion into the climax of RotJ was less glaring than the hype, but it was still a bad decision.

The increased definition, however, was astounding! Everything looked beautifully crisp. You could plainly see the grit and matte surface of Vader’s mask in the opening scene of A New Hope. Then in Empire and Jedi, his helmet is noticeably shinier and more professionally constructed. The confusing thing is not what was changed but what wasn’t. The 90s-level CGI from the special edition was left the same, which is to the say awful and distractingly contrary to every other scene.

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