My Netflix Quest

I’ve been searching for a good show on Netflix to get hooked on without much success. I tried Dr. Who but it never fully pulled me in. (Though I did just watch the famous episode “Blink” which was fantastic.) I tried revisiting anime, but nothing held interest. (Though I did get 14 episodes into Monster before I unconsciously declared its hiatus.) Finally, I found Avatar after Gabe’s insistence. Here’re the results of that discovery (and one dud.)

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Book 1: A+: I’d seen some of Avatar back when it was first being aired but I’d never watched it properly in order. I’m glad I have now. If this show had existed when I was younger it probably would’ve been a favorite. Almost every episode is a gem. The animation is flawless, the morals subtle, and the characters superb. The world is well-thought, consistent in its themes, and fun to explore. The action scenes are among the best I’ve seen in animation. I can’t wait to delve into the other seasons.

The Warrior’s Way: C-: Though not quite as bad as Sukiyaki Western Django, it came pretty close. Everything was absurd, predicable, and poorly acted. Not to say I didn’t want absurd. After all, I was excited about a movie where ninjas were in the American Old West. But the “ninjas vs cowboys” segment was a useless ending awkwardly tacked on to a boring, trite western.

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