Tour of Texas

Naomi and I took a short vacation to run around Texas and see a few random things that were not in the cities. As always, we took a plethora of pictures. Also as always, the choicest have been uploaded here.

Thursday we went to the Blue Bell Creamery in Brenham. It was pretty neat, but not amazing. The facility was very well set-up for the tour though. Also I got to try some delicious cinnamon ice cream. We picked up some official ice cream bowls too, which I’ve already utilized.

Friday we ventured out to the Natural Bridge Caverns. They were absolutely amazing. My imagination had a field day and we both loved the astounding formations. It was hard to photograph its full majesty due to lighting restrictions but Naomi and I emerged as pleased spelunkers.

The dragon fruit tasted like the white, tasteless part of a watermelon. The Rambutan tasted like lychee.

We stayed Friday night at a bed and breakfast outside of Fredericksburg called Hiemplatz am Fluss (Homeplace on the River.) It was nice and quaint but it was described a little too favorably on their website, purporting to be next to the river (it was across the road, through a gate, and another 50 yards) as well as having a great place to picnic (which was either invisible or gone). Instead, we ate our picnic lunch on Saturday inside. I’d picked up a couple crazy fruits to try.

This is how I expect an animal's expression would be after seeing itself stuffed.

We had little success on Saturday. We toured Fredericksburg and neither of us were  impessed. Mostly just overpriced shopping, and the main historical area was closed unless we paid for some sausage festival or some such. Luckily, outside of town they were having “trader days” which was like a big flea market full of crazy things. That evening we went to watch a bat emergence at a former railway tunnel but the bats were uncooperative, and just fluttered about indistictly at the entrance. Luckily, the final locale of the evening, dinner at a German restaurant back in town, was delightful and delicious.

On Sunday I drug Naomi to her first Renaissance Festival. The birds of prey show and the fire whip presentations were my highlights. I think Naomi emerged unscathed, with another nerd-tivity successfully checked off.

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