Culinary Culminations

The steak was good. The noodles, not so good.

Despite not posting anything about it since forever-hundred years ago, Naomi and I are still cooking new things. I’ve discovered that cooking really isn’t hard at all and Ratatouille was right; anyone can do it. Now, making a recipe up from nothing is hard. I’ve tried few times and it usually turns out pretty bland and not-awesome.

But luckily I have the internet to tell me how to make everything that has ever been made. And simply following directions is easy. Plus, Naomi has a few tricks up her sleeve (spoiler: she puts Royco in everything.) She also puts corn in lots of things like spaghetti which results in Happy-Tyler-Tummy ™ . Speaking of corn, I’ve found a creamed corn concoction that’s deliciously sugartastic, and a delectable cornbread recipe that uses both cornbread mix and yellow cake mix.

My favorite dishes seem to be the “mix everything together and cook it” style. We recently made “Mediterranean chicken” which had a million ingredients, including cooking wine, capers, and black olives, none of which I have ever previously purchased. We were wandering around HEB like tourists in a foreign country, having to ask directions to find something we’re standing next to. After finally finding the cooking wine nowhere near the drinking wine, I had to ask an HEBite to point me towards the black olives. And, of course, they were in the same isle as the cooking wine. The only thing left was capers. I didn’t even know what a caper was so I looked it up on my phone. It didn’t help. Luckily, before I asked another HEBeing for help again, we realized they were right next to the black olives. Once we eventually made it, it turned out quite well.

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