Killer Plots

Some Netflixing and some theater going resulted in some opinioning.

From Hell: B-: The plot progressed in an overly structured (i.e. predictable) series of events, similar to a cabin-in-the-woods slasher film. Some scenes displayed artistic camera work, almost certainly borrowed from the source comic, but overused conspiracy theory and trite dream sequences delivered a truly drab film.

The Ides of March: A-: Though not a lot happened per se, the expert plot progression engaged me throughout. Gosling played his familiar emotionless protagonist, but played it well. Clooney’s character’s political positions were distractingly exaggerated to a cartoonish level. Hoffman and Giamatti excelled.

Killer Elite: C+: It wasn’t what I was looking for and that may have skewed by viewing. The action was typical Statham (yay!) but the plot never grabbed me. There were a few interesting heist-like assassinations in the middle, but they were so episodic it broke the film’s flow. Statham and Owen’s rivalry wasn’t focused enough and Pacino’s character was pointless.

Hanna: A-: The art of the film, (camera work, set design, costuming) were superb. The plot was a little basic and the editing a tad disjointed, but there were so many little details that just made it work for me. The music was odd, but I suppose it could work for others more inclined toward the genre.

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Book 2: A+: This show just continues to impress. Though some of the minor new characters were a bit lackluster, the main cast grew powerfully. The action animation and choreography gets better and better. Each episode added a cool bit of character to the world. The finale was a little too much Empire Strikes Back, and not as awesome as the season one finale, but still well above acceptable.

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1 Response to Killer Plots

  1. Joachim Boaz says:

    My girlfriend raved about Hanna so I watched it on the way back from Italy a few months ago. I enjoyed it, however, it really didn’t have a lasting impression on me. The fascinating scene in the theme park was beautiful — but, I dunno, all in all it felt, hollow?

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