Firing up the Kindle

I don’t generally show off my tech but I got me a shiny Kindle Fire and I must say, it’s pretty great. I lambasted tablets in the past, but the combination of the $200 price and my Amazon fanboyism left me no choice. What was I going to do, not buy it? Psh. You’re talking crazy!

While I admit, the iPad is almost certainly a better device for tableting, being more of a touchscreen computer, the Fire is a most excellent reader (and a fraction of the cost). With it holding my hand, delicately reassuring me that everything was going to be OK, I took the plunge into the unexplored world of digital literature. I chose my free book, The Hunger Games,  from the lending library that comes with Amazon Prime, and bought a copy of The Long Halloween comic. The Kindle handled the medium exceptionally, and I’m sure I will collect more non-corporeal comics, though I hope to find a way to load my stash of .cbr comics lounging around on an external hard drive.

I’ve downloaded a few games and other assorted apps, but I haven’t yet used it to watch anything other than YouTube videos. Since it’s wi-fi only, I haven’t really had cause to watch anything I didn’t already have a computer or even TV screen with the same capability.

The Hunger Games: A-: Though it’s certainly targeted to young adults, it reads with the fluidity and quick pacing of any of the best of contemporary popular fiction. The world, though well conceived, offers little description of what isn’t directly necessary to advance the story. The plot proceeds with quickness, but can at times invoke Tolkien and get a little heavy on provision inventories and strategy discussion. There are plenty of fantastic scenes that, while not overly eloquent, absolutely kept me reading. Good characters with clear motivations.

Batman: The Long Halloween: A+: The best Batman stories are always the detective mysteries, and this could be the best one out there. The noir-style art suited the story perfectly and the monthly structure favored the villain cameos. It reminded me of Hush, another great series, but without that modern cinematic approach. The Long Halloween is a must-read for all Bat-fans.

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