The Boy Who Watched Lots of Movies

The end of the year is an odd time for me and the movies. Things I want to see come out faster than I have time to see them. I managed to finagle my way into a theater outing whilst visiting the Fam and a bit of Netflixing before and afterwards but there is still much to see. And Naomi saw the American version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo which spawned an interest in the Swedish versions that have been wallowing in Netflix queue limbo.

The Adventures of Tintin: A-: Though most have concluded that Tintin is an animated version of Spielberg’s own Indiana Jones, for me it felt more like a close mimicry of all the other Indiana Jones clones than the source itself. Most notably, the complicated yet flowing action scenes, where the landscape is literally falling apart, reminded me of the Uncharted video games. There was certainly enough adventure and wit to make the movie good, but not quite enough to make it notable.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Swedish): A: A good whodunnit with fantastic characters. It’s so easy to get engrossed in crime fiction and this film grabs you by the eyeballs and wont let go. It had just enough intensity without getting absurd.

The Girl Who Played With Fire: A-: Though at times it seemed like a forced sequel, the material was smart enough to keep me guessing. The attempt to make the characters more personally motivated in their investigations didn’t seem necessary, but I suppose it worked. I’ll certainly still watch for the third in the series.

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Book 3: A+: Predictably, the series finished with a multi-episode finale that was better than any animated movie I’ve seen in a while. The writers handled the epic scale of this final season masterfully and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome.

They Live: C+: The moral isn’t exactly subtle, but once it finally got to its point, the film kept the action flowing. The terrible acting and 80’s-tastic special effects weren’t enough to keep me from being entertained, though they certainly tried. Also, the confusing title and odd choice of make-up made me think this was a zombie movie from the poster.

Gladiator: A+: Gladiator is exactly the kind of movie I can watch over and over again. It has great lines I quote often, fantastic violent action, and a classic story that moves swiftly enough not become tedious.

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1 Response to The Boy Who Watched Lots of Movies

  1. I can totally get your end of the year feelings 🙂
    I get The Craziest before Oscar season and there are soooo many movies I “need” to watch (obviously, I WANT to watch them, too, you know…) before the Awards go out because I like to be able to compare 😀
    I also do reviews, as well. Liked your thoughts here.

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