Looking at What I’ll be Looking at

I prefer not to dwell on the past. Or rather, that is my flimsy excuse as to why I’m not going to trudge through a year-in-review-type post. Instead, here’s a look at how my 2012 cinema-venture is looking. It’s full of sequels and reboots, but what can I say, I guess I’m a blockbuster junkie. But rest easy, I at least learned my lesson and omitted Ghost Rider, Wrath of the Titans, and Battleship.

January 20CoriolanusProbably Will See – Another modernized Shakespeare story, like Titus and Romeo + Juliet. I think that means I want to see but I’m not sure.

January 27 The GreyWill See – Liam Neeson vs. Wolves? Count me in.

February 3ChronicleMight See – The trailer looked ok, but I’m worried it’ll end up like Darkest Hour or Skyline.

February 10Safe HouseMight See -The Denzel being The Denzel. It’s worked in the past.

February 17The Secret World of ArriettyMight See – Studio Ghibli has burned me lately with Ponyo and Earthsea, but I’m willing to give them one more chance.

March 2The LoraxMight See – I haven’t seen any of the other Seuss movies, but this one has piqued a small bit of interest.

March 2Hansel & Gretel: Witch HuntersMight See – The trailer will make or brake it for me when it’s eventually released, but the silly concept intrigues me.

March 9John CarterWill See – The first big budget epic actionfest of the year. I’ll probably start reading some of the series to get a handle on my lore, but it looks fun enough.

March 9 The RavenMight See – I’ve always liked Poe and will therefore probably give it a chance.

March 23The Hunger GamesWill See – As I said, I enjoyed the book. I’ll at least give the movie a shot at being the next big teen-target series.

March 30The Pirates! Band of MisfitsWill See – Everything about this trailer looks hilarious.

May 4AvengersWill See – I’m cautiously hopeful. My faith lies with Joss Whedon.

June 1 Snow White and the HuntsmanProbably Will See – I had no interest but the trailer was confusingly good.

June 8  – PrometheusWill See – Ridley Scott’s prequel-that-is-not-a-prequel to Alien certainly sounds fantastic.

June 22BraveWill See -Though it reminds me of How to Train Your Dragon, that movie is awesome and so is Pixar. (Cars 2 notwithstanding)

July 3The Amazing Spider-ManWill See – Though I don’t think it needs a remake already, the property does need a redemption after Spider-Man 3.

July 20The Dark Knight RisesMUST SEE – This movie will define the year for me.

August 3The Bourne LegacyMight See – I’m not fully on board yet, but so far i like Renner. The trailer will help.

August 3Total RecallMight See – The original is a great movie. I didn’t give The Thing prequel a chance and I may yet not give one to Total Recall. A trailer is definitely needed.

August 17ParaNormanProbably Will See – I loved the trailer but I’m not sure what the plot is. It looks pleasant though. Hopefully it’s a Coraline and not a 9.

August 17Expendables 2Might See – I enjoyed the first one enough and this one has an even more ridiculous cast.

September 28LooperWill See – Time traveling hitman. Genius.

October 5FrankenweenieMight See – Tim Burton’s remake of a short he animated a million years ago when he was at Disney is tugging on my brain, but full interest is still pending.

November 9SkyfallWill See – I’ve enjoyed the Bond reboot so far.

December 14The Hobbit: An Unexpected JourneyMUST SEE – The Lord of the Rings trilogy is a masterpiece and The Hobbit looks to be just as masterfully crafted.

December 21World War ZWill See – I loved the book, and though the movie looks to be a departure from it, army vs zombies is still a recipe for success.

December 25Django UnchainedProbably Will See – Though my Tarantino fanboyism has diminished, I’ll still see pretty much anything he makes.

I’m sure plenty more will pop up along the way, but 27 movies at one per week is over half the year’s Fridays. Are there any others I’ve missed?

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