Houstonian Heroes and Game of Thrones Gaming

I occupied this week with several fun nerd-tivities. First, my comic-book cohort Justin and I went to the Alamo Drafthouse for the official release event for the Scarlet Spider, Houston’s first resident hero! It was really just a Q&A and autograph signing by the creators, but they were full of love for Houston and the Alamo is the perfect atmosphere for such an event.

Now, concerning the new series itself: First issues are rarely amazing, having the burden of recapping the character’s back story and establishing his current motivations and attitude. I haven’t read anything set in the current machinations of either of the big 2 comic companies in a while, but right off the bat I noticed that distinct style they both employ quite a bit, specifically the thought boxes everywhere and setting titles every time there’s a scene jump. I enjoyed seeing the Houston locations, but every place they’ve been so far could’ve been in any city. These traits don’t make Scarlet Spider a bad comic, but if it weren’t for the Houston setting, I certainly wouldn’t have given it a second thought.

I also did some more board gaming, this time having an entire Game of Thrones evening. We had a quasi-medieval meal, played the Game of Thrones board game, and, following my 50th post cookie adventure, I created another set of delectables, this time Game of Thrones themed.

The Game of Thrones board game is well conceived, but conquest style board games were never really my thing. They always seem to take forever, especially when some players have never played before. I’d played it previously, but it’s definitely more fun now that I understand the setting. I did decently enough, but my accomplishments were minimal. But I think fun was had by all present.

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