Taking the Bait

Oscar season begins soon, with nominations to be announced Tuesday, and my attempt to see all the Oscar bait has ramped up accordingly. How it is that I became a blockbuster junkie as well as a fan of the “serious” stuff I’m not quite sure.

The Iron Lady: B+: Biopics are always better when structured around a central idea, and I liked Iron Lady best when showing the elderly, current Thatcher coping with the loss of her husband (and this was certainly Streep’s more expert performance.) It helps that I knew only bits and pieces of that era of British history, but that history wasn’t all that interesting.

The Descendents: B+: I expected quirky. And I got it, but only as a side dish to the drama of the main course. It had a realness that could only be first-hand experience, told with an attempt to lighten up the dark subjects. I left pleased but sad. I’m not sure if paradoxical feelings indicate proper catharsis, but I’m leaning towards yes.

The Artist: A-: I went in expecting an endurance test, but was surprised at how few times I felt it dragging. The acting was just over-the-top enough to emulate the 20’s, yet seemed genuine when needed. Funny, creative and unique.


I seem to buy comics faster than I read them, and I’m not even getting single issues anymore. I’ve also found a way to read .cbr comics on my Kindle. I’m swimming against the current, not really getting anywhere, but definitely enjoying the exercise.

Red Robin: The Grail: B: I picked this up at the Scarlet Spider signing because their authors were the same. And much like that comic, the dialog, the character, and his reaction to the situation he’s in are all within my definition of “a good comic.” But I just can’t get past the awful back story the author’s been forced into.

Axe Cop: Bad Guy Earth: A: I love Axe Cop, though the fact I enjoy a comic written by a 6 year old probably says a lot about my literary maturity. Bad Guy Earth is more of the same, which is to say, awesome. They definitely ramp up the epic in this one, which is saying a lot for a comic that consistently blows up entire planets. At times it got a bit mired, but mostly the story-telling has advanced to a wonderfully entertaining position.

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1 Response to Taking the Bait

  1. bibliopirate says:

    Both the Iron Lady and The Artist are on my to watch list. Just waiting for my local theaters to play them

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