Getting Distracted

I told myself I was going to continue trying to see Oscar nominees, but I keep falling for the siren’s call of various other media. I’ll get to it eventually. I still have a few weeks. Get off my back!

The Grey: A+: I wanted to see wolves hunting a pack of scared men with very little plot to muck it up. And I received just that, but with a heaping helping of style and symbolism that just plain worked for me. Just watching their icicle-laden beards made you feel the frozen desolation. Beautiful Alaskan landscapes too.

Venture Bros. Season 4: A: Venture Bros has just the right amount of comic and cartoon references without compromising plotting and characters. I had a few worries as Brock was absent for the beginning of the season, but it picked up perfectly, modifying some characters to awesomeness, and ending with an epic finale. Full of great episodes.

Harry Brown: B+: The story was a bit lacking, but it was interesting enough to keep me engaged. The action was ruthless and realistic, but most of the other characters were exaggerated and hard to believe. As always, Michael Caine is awesome.

Super: B-: Parts were quite funny, but it never quite congealed into an interesting story. The acting was sub-par, and the special effects were definitely low budget. Some scenes were very odd, and distracting. There were a few surprise moments that worked too, but they couldn’t save the overall lack of focus.

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