Seeing Things

Here’s some movies with an MMA fighter acting, actors playing MMA fighters, a PBS period drama about British aristocrats written by someone who married a British aristocrat, and a movie about movies that’s really about small town life. Nothing is what it seems! Ok, maybe some things.

Haywire: A: On the surface it’s just “Bourne as a Girl”, but it was filled with scenes I loved, though it slowed at times. Gina Carano, the MMA fighter making her acting debut, was truly awful, but the astounding actors filling out the rest of the cast more than made up for it. And she certainly performed the action scenes flawlessly.

Warrior: A: Apparently, I just like this genre and never realized it. After enjoying last year’s The Fighter, and having seen Rocky Balboa earlier this year, the “tournament fighting as a backdrop to dealing with “everyman” family drama” has certainly become a genre I’m more interested in. Warrior does it even better, with great performances and solid writing, though a bit familiar.

Downton Abbey: Season 1: A: An extremely addictive show with a huge cast of characters, most of which quickly get rounded out, but retain their archetypical roles. It amazed me how much story they could develop in each hour long episode, especially given how few actual locations were used. As odd as it seems, the pacing and structure are quite reminiscent of Game of Thrones, though with significantly fewer bloody murders.

Be Kind Rewind: B: Though quite sappy, it exhibited enough quirkiness to remain entertaining. The “sweded” films were certainly the best part, though I may be a bit biased having “starred” in several no-budget films created by my auteur friend Josh. (The best of which can be viewed here.)

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