In the Nick of Time

Well, despite all my cinematic meanderings, I managed to see most of the best picture nominees, and just in time. I hope Hugo wins, but the money’s still on The Artist.

Hugo: A: Wonderfully crafted and perfectly paced. It’s adventerous and fun. Everything turns out the way you’d expect, but the world is so expertly crafted that it’s impossible not to enjoy the journey. Themes are unique and persistent, and the characters have just the proper quirks and nuances to remain intriguing.

War Horse: C+: It was like having to watch the boring openings of a half-dozen cliched war movies. Each story was coated in a layer of cheesiness and the attempt to unite them didn’t quite work. The protagonists changed so often you couldn’t care about them, and with no consitant antagonist there was no real sense of danger. What little it did show of WWI was mostly censored and non-commital. Trying to paint all sides of the war just distracted from the horrors it could’ve shown.

Midnight in Paris: C: Silly and full of unbelievable characters. The famous characters from the past were especially poorly acted. They were such charactarizations that the real people would be ashamed. Also, the movie villainized a character for being a “pedantic” know-it-all, yet flung around so many art and literary characters that the movie itself seemed a bit pedantic.

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1 Response to In the Nick of Time

  1. Joachim Boaz says:

    Midnight in Paris bothered the crud out of me as well — but I was in the movie theater with my girlfriend so I had to keep quite šŸ˜‰ It unfortunately won best screenplay! The other GRAVE disappointment was The Artist — banal and rather uninspired. There were a few fascinating tricks with sound but it wasn’t that inventive or visually interesting. But it won best picture, best director, etc… alas…

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