Vacation Longings

I have officially purchased my tickets for New York Comic-Con. It’s amazing how simply having paid for the ticket catalyzes my excitement about the trip. Unfortunately, I have a not-insubstantial wait until the event. (It’s in October.) This got me thinking about some other cool places I’d like to go to properly nerd it up, though perhaps a bit more subtlety.

One that perhaps only sounds cool in theory, would be Star Wars location spotting in Tunisia. If you rent a car and a guide, they’ll take out to the far-removed desert locations where you can visit the Lars homestead, Mos Espa, and the Canyon where Luke first met Obi-Wan. A great write-up can be found here. A sunset at the Lars home sounds pretty amazing. Tunisia might be a little iffy right now what with the revolution and all, but this would still be a pretty neat trip.

Another foreign event I’ve had my sights set upon is the Up Helly Aa. Vikings are awesome. Fire makes things look awesome. It’s in the Shetland Islands of northern Scotland. (Which is awesome.) The amount of awesome this fire festival would entail might overload those of weaker wills. They have a procession culminating in the burning of a viking longship, sending it to Valhalla. This one is definitely on the list. I was very close to going once but I will attend one year.

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2 Responses to Vacation Longings

  1. Gabe says:

    Did you realize pax east is this weekend or is this just coincidence?

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