Still Watching

The trend continues. I’ve watched yet more movies. I have it on good authority that this will probably continue even further. More as the story develops.

The Raid: Redemption: A+: This is exactly how an action movie should be made. This movie delivered everything I could possibly have wanted. The fight scenes were epic, the plot was minimal but not totally missing, and though the characters had somewhat flat motivations, they were interesting despite them. Well, really they were interesting because they were slamming heads against walls, unloading bullets at point blank, and exhibiting other creative displays of badassery. 

Think Like a Man: D: Basically, it was a long commercial for Steve Harvey’s book. I don’t know how self-help relationship-advice books became a genre of movie but they’re all the same. Gather 4 or 5 relationships each with different problems and watch them overcome them. Awful. Simply awful. And the annoying narrator explaining to us that the scene we’re about to watch is to convey this emotion or plot point is just insulting. We can figure that out on our own. Flat characters and bad plotting, topped with a sappy predictable ending.

Attack the Block: A: Baring my lamentable trouble understanding the characters thick London accents and prevalent (though probably authentic) slang, I had nothing but praise for this movie. The “science” behind the aliens worked out well, as did their visual effects. It paced quickly, and with a few surprises. Thoroughly enjoyable.

State of Play: A: I saw this in the theater when it came out but I don’t remember enjoying it as much. It had several of the good kind of plot twists. You know, the kind that make you say, “of course!” instead of, “wait, what?” Plenty of good acting, and from actors I like. I must have been tired or something the first time.

Of Gods and Men: C+: A great subject, but it just didn’t quite fill up enough film. Instead, we got the same scenes over and over. There were some genuinely powerful moments, but the road between them was long and desolate.

Out of Sight: A-: I love me a good heist film. Honestly, there are few heist films I don’t like. I like the elaborate plans and I like the quirky characters. I also like Steven Soderbergh’s penchant for nonlinear stories. I don’t like Jennifer Lopez, but she does occasionally show up in films I otherwise enjoy. Out of Sight wasn’t particularly noteworthy, but rather another decent tale of the debonair thief. Oh, and I also like Luis Guzman.

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  1. jeremy (not the trekkie jeremy) says:

    Aw too bad, I was looking forward to seeing Of Gods and Men. Oh well, I guess I’ll have lowered expectations now when I see it, and as a result, I’ll enjoy it more. Thanks Tyler!

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