Latest Foodventures

Over the past few weekends, I’ve been trying lots of new recipes for foodables. I started with a couple recipes from Cooking with Comics, both of which were awesome. Seriously, it uses a great nerdy stick-figure comic approach to show easy recipes that are delicious. I made his MacGuffin Muffins, and Cheesecake of Champions. The muffins were breakfast muffins made from biscuit dough, eggs, cheese, and bacon. The cheesecake was a pumpkin cheesecake with a Nutella swirl. Both were quite delectable.

For Father’s Day, I decided my gift would be food, because what’s better, amirite? This time the menu was inspired by PBS. I made crusted Alaskan salmon (in season!), creamy rice (that wasn’t really very creamy) and bread pudding. All turned out pretty good, especially the salmon.

Of course, Naomi and I aren’t just cooking new things, but also trying new restaurants. We tried Mia’s, a new hamburger and shakes place off Kirby. The shake was amazing. The hamburgers, less so. I think Naomi liked the diner decor though. The burgers are also football shaped for some reason. Like the Mexican restaurants in Pasadena, it had free soft serve though, so that’s a plus.

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