Cool Guys Don’t Look at Explosions

For the 4th of July, (yes, I’m aware that was several weeks ago), the boyos and I (and Naomi of course) went on down to the beach for explosions and gaming. The fireworks were fun, capped as always with our signature ground-level detonation while waking away action-hero style.

There are actually 5 people in there.

We also did lots of gaming, as we’re quite prone to lately. Ascension, 7 Wonders, Can’t Stop, Elder Sign, and Quarriors were among the choices.

a rousing game of Quarriors

A few of us actually made it to the beach during the day too, believe it or not, and despite the hordes of beachgoers and heaping piles of seaweed lining the entire coast, still managed to find a spot for some skimboarding and ladder golf.

Falling down is fun!

More photos can be found at the usual place.

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