Almost Made It…Again

Oscars are closing in and I was on a role for a while, but, like last year, saw everything but one. This time it was Le Miserables that I never got around to seeing, but here are my rankings of the other 8 best picture nominees.

8. Beasts of the Southern Wilds
7. Life of Pi
6. Amour
5. Zero Dark Thirty
4. Lincoln
3. Silver Linings Playbook
2. Django Unchained
1. Argo

That list was very difficult to finalize. Argo and Django are both fantastic films, which I had reversed in my top films of 2012 post. Silver Linings Playbook and Lincoln are also pretty much a tie for me, so their rankings keep switching back and forth as well. My lack of praise for Life of Pi has been met with some flabbergasts but it just didn’t impress as me as much as it apparently should have.

There were many films nominated in other categories I wish I’d seen, but just didn’t make time for. The Impossible seems like a movie I would like, because I like to make myself feel powerless by reading about natural disasters. Similarly, The Master centers itself around a subject toward which my curiosity occasionally drifts. I’m not quite sure how I managed to miss Wreck-it-Ralph.

Finally, the Hollywood Reporter has an honest look into one unnamed director’s votes on all the categories in no real order. It’s a fun read and has some great insights into how industry veterans vote. (I assume he’s a veteran from the context of his opinions.)

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1 Response to Almost Made It…Again

  1. Hambone says:

    I loved Silver Linings Playbook. Any movie that uses a Johnny Cash/ Bob Dylan duet is already the greatest movie every in my opinion.

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