A Splattering of Post-Oscars Thoughts

This year’s Academy Awards were certainly better than last years, but still nothing amazing. The opening monologue with Shatner was beyond lame and continued on past the point of paying attention out of anticipation of something funny happening. After that, MacFarlane was mostly fine, but nothing noteworthy. (But he at least wasn’t falling asleep, James Franco!) Overall I enjoyed that no film ran away with too many of the awards, though there were few surprises, which is itself not a surprise.

Here are some additional thoughts, presented without transition. It’s like a live blog but 2 days later!

  • Just like last year, there were major sound issues. I’d just like to point out that the ceremonies take place in the Dolby Theater.
  • I didn’t think Christoph Waltz would win after winning for Inglourious Basterds, though I’m glad he did. He needs to be in more things, and apparently those things should be Tarantinos. (That sounds like a pizza but I propose it is more fun to say than a “Tarantino movie”. You know I’m right.)
  • I wanted Skyfall to win everything but all it got was a tie!? for sound editing. Instead Life of Pi won all the visually related awards. I suppose it deserved it but I still released a little “boo!” (I’m pleased Adele won, but Best Song felt more like her award than Skyfall’s.)
  • Period pieces win all makeup and costume awards. Not cool Academy. Hathaway’s shaved head doesn’t beat all those dwarf beards.
  • The presenters were even more terrible than usual. The supposed “avengers reunion” was awful and no one told John Travolta how to say Le Miserables. Also Kirsten Stuart looked like she was just hit by a bus. More than usual I mean.
  • The supposed “music of Hollywood” theme was a total dud. I thought they stopped performing all the Best Song nominees because everyone got bored. Playing Chicago songs well after anyone cares seems to be a step backwards.
  • Pixar gets another Oscar for a mediocre film. I think all the Academy voters just picked it because they hadn’t seen any of them, though to be fair, the other nominees I actually saw (ParaNorman and Pirates) were equally mediocre.

Another year of Hollywood congratulating itself is over. Now we get to look forward to all the summer blockbusters that we’re all looking forward to that will earn more money than small countries. Yay! Can’t wait for next year’s ceremony!

Anything else stand out for you? Let me know in the comments.

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2 Responses to A Splattering of Post-Oscars Thoughts

  1. Sapaugh says:

    I like how you made jokes about me noticing Kristen Stewart, but added in your blood about how she looked terrible. Made me giggle, but I have the same thoughts as you and agree on most of them. Your blogs are always a delight to read.

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