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Exploring New Heights

Last Saturday we decided to go on an exploratory trip to the Heights area of Houston. The area teeters on an interesting line between hipster and wary dilapidation. My favorite find was an antique store with an enormous collection of … Continue reading

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Firing up the Kindle

I don’t generally show off my tech but I got me a shiny Kindle Fire and I must say, it’s pretty great. I lambasted tablets in the past, but the combination of the $200 price and my Amazon fanboyism left … Continue reading

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Goin’ Down to Dunwich

I was introduced to H.P. Lovecraft right at that age toward which pulp comics were targeted back in their heyday. His stories of true terror, based upon suspense and eerie unfamiliarity, hooked me. His obsession with describing the various terrors … Continue reading

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Sci-Fi From All Angles

Like a good sci-fi enthusiast, I try and partake of the genre though all of its media incarnations. With the exception of a documentary, my recent reviewables have all been from that exalted setting. Here are my takes on a … Continue reading

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