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Comic Catch-Up

I’m so far behind in my comic reviews over on Docking Bay 94 that I’m just going to catch up here. Instead of assigning a review to each, I’ll quickly divide them into three very scientific categories. The Great: Saga … Continue reading

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Excuses, Excuses

As life is want to do, mine seems to have been terribly busy lately. Nothing notable of course, just a lot of the doing of things and whatnot. This pseudo-hectic schedule, coupled with rampant procrastination has left my poor blog … Continue reading

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Sisyphean Progress

There lay a sizable stack of to-be-read things on my nightstand. About half of those items are comic trades. I sleep next to this stack every night and unplug my charging phone from atop the literary tower every morning. Yet … Continue reading

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Taking the Bait

Oscar season begins soon, with nominations to be announced Tuesday, and my attempt to see all the Oscar bait has ramped up accordingly. How it is that I became a blockbuster junkie as well as a fan of the “serious” … Continue reading

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Houstonian Heroes and Game of Thrones Gaming

I occupied this week with several fun nerd-tivities. First, my comic-book cohort Justin and I went to the Alamo Drafthouse for the official release event for the Scarlet Spider, Houston’s first resident hero! It was really just a Q&A and … Continue reading

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Mysteries of the Ages

After Naomi and I watched the first two Millennium films in two days, I followed that up with two more Noomi Rapace films in two more days. That’s a lot of Noomi. Then there was Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy to … Continue reading

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Firing up the Kindle

I don’t generally show off my tech but I got me a shiny Kindle Fire and I must say, it’s pretty great. I lambasted tablets in the past, but the combination of the $200 price and my Amazon fanboyism left … Continue reading

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