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Mulling Over Merch

I have entirely too much Star Wars merchandise. And I fully plan on buying more until they stop making it. George Lucas, that mad genius turned just plain mad, knew what he was doing from the get-go. When Harrison Ford … Continue reading

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Need to Waste Some Time?

There’s a whole lot of cool stuff out there on the world wide interwebnet. I particularly like interactive thingies. I even more particularly like interactive thingies that are entertaining (i.e. time-wasters) and teach me neat-o facts (i.e. trivia.) Here’re a … Continue reading

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Recent Projects

I am a prolific internetter. Prodigious even. One happy byproduct of that predilection is an increased interest in DIY projects inspired by my findings. Here are a few I’ve recently finished. For Naomi’s birthday I recreated a couple things I … Continue reading

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May the 4th Be With You

Last Wednesday was Star Wars Day. Naturally, being one among the millions of star wars fanatics, I celebrated the same way I do every year, with a viewing of one of the movies. This year my brother and I decided … Continue reading

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Life Immitating Art

I read a lot of science-fiction. Because of this, reading science news is getting increasingly exciting as it begins dissolving the “fiction.” My current favorite science-not-fiction subject is exoplanets (planets outside of our solar system.) NASA released an awesome graphic … Continue reading

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Modern art?

Gawker recently reported on a study by Boston University showing that people, including art students, can’t tell the difference between “famous” abstract artists and paintings created by a child, or even more hilariously, animals like chimps and elephants. This pretty … Continue reading

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Here comes the blog…

After years of hearing about how new, hip, and most importantly, crucial, blogs were to the future of the internet, and possibly mankind as we know it, no interest sparked. As the word blog gained greater publicity, my relatives would … Continue reading

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