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Bachelor Gameathon

Before my recent wedding, (more on that later) the guys threw me the sort of bachelor party befitting our geeky standing; a game-and-movie-athon lasting roughly 30 hours (minus some time for sleep). We tried pairing the movies with games of … Continue reading

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A Splattering of Post-Oscars Thoughts

This year’s Academy Awards were certainly better than last years, but still nothing amazing. The opening monologue with Shatner was beyond lame and continued on past the point of paying attention out of anticipation of something funny happening. After that, … Continue reading

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Almost Made It…Again

Oscars are closing in and I was on a role for a while, but, like last year, saw everything but one. This time it was Le Miserables that I never got around to seeing, but here are my rankings of … Continue reading

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Films, Coming and Going

I had a pretty good time at the theater this year. I’ve decided on a list of my favorite films (with helpful links to my thoughts on each). A few surprises, and a few obvious choices. 10. Lincoln 9. The … Continue reading

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Still Watching

The trend continues. I’ve watched yet more movies. I have it on good authority that this will probably continue even further. More as the story develops. The Raid: Redemption: A+: This is exactly how an action movie should be made. … Continue reading

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Damsels Solving Their Own Distress

I’ve been watching lots of movies about young women thrust into horrible situations. This was not on purpose mind you. Perhaps it’s becoming a prominent movie theme, especially for indie/foreign film, as a friend of mine (hi Jeremy) can attest. … Continue reading

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A Bevy of Opinion

The year’s blockbuster extravaganza began early, with John Carter, and I, of course, was present for the onset. They’re still fairly spaced apart at this point, but come May, my movie going looks to have plenty of explosions and fight … Continue reading

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